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BFA Theater: ACTING Track

Be Yourself. Professionally.

Develop your unique artistic voice.

The BFA Acting program at Brooklyn College is dedicated to developing students’ abilities through rigorous, personalized training. The program accepts 10-12 students annually into the ensemble-based, conservatory-style training, creating a close-knit community of collaborative artists that progress through the program together.

Designed to prepare students to meet the challenges of a life in the arts and a professional acting career. The program offers intensive classes in acting technique, improvisation, on-camera acting, movement, voice & speech, solo performance, business of acting, classical text and contemporary and period genres.

The only BFA Acting program in the entire CUNY system, Brooklyn College boasts one of the most diverse student bodies in the world and exceptional professional training at a fraction of the cost of other undergraduate acting programs.

Get on stage
BFA Acting students have plenty of opportunities to perform! The Department of Theater puts on between 8 and 10 fully produced plays each year. BFA actors get multiple  opportunities to audition for and act in our incredible production season alongside our BA and MFA actors. Plays are directed by faculty, professional guest directors from the NY theater scene and talented MFA directors.

Want to be in movies?

Our actors have exclusive access to an incredible collaboration hub where actors, filmmakers, directors, designers, theater-makers and more find each other to make independent work. These collaborations often occur with members of the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, one of the top 25 film schools in the country, located at Steiner Film Studios.

Check out the trailers to some BFA Senior Showcase projects! 

Launch your career

In their final semester, BFA Seniors produce and act in a high-impact industry showcase comprised of short films, monologues, and scenes that premieres live to an invited audience of industry professionals. Check it out here:


Degree Map

The BFA in Acting is a 3-year ensemble-based, conservatory-style program.

See the Degree Map here.


Apply Now

Application is a two step process:

1. Apply to Brooklyn College,

2. Supplemental BFA Acting Application:

○ A Personal Statement, 

○ 3-minute Self-Tape (two contrasting monologues), 

○ 2-minute “Unique W.A.Y” video (Who Are you?) 

See full instructions here. 


Our faculty is comprised of award-winning teaching artists including stage and screen actors, directors and casting directors who work, teach and play throughout the NYC professional arts community.

See BFA Acting Faculty here.





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