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Jack McCarthy

Jack McCarthy is a classically trained actor who has been performing for more than half his life. As of May 2024, Jack is a graduate of Brooklyn College’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program specializing in Acting. He was awarded with both the “Vivian Stein Rothenberg Memorial Scholarship in Theater” and the “Frances R. Jellinek ‘56 and Hal Schaffer ‘56 Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship” for his work and contributions within Brooklyn College’s theater department.

During his time in the BFA program, Jack worked with directors Patrick Sabongui, Michael Page, and Ivey Lowe. Previously, he has worked with director/playwright Kelly McAllister and director Jay Louden.


Proficient in both film and stage, Jack has played leading roles in numerous short films and theatrical productions. He recently took on the part of Jack Kelly in a production of Newsies. Jack has an aptitude for playing emotionally complex characters, and particularly enjoys performing deep stories.


A very artistic yet practical person, Jack’s skill set spans from both pencil-and-paper drawing and digital art, to being a proficient pinball player. He has enjoyed taking dance classes, hiking, crocheting, and playing with his adorable dog. He has a very strong work ethic and enjoys being a team-player.

Meet Jack McCarthy

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