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Jake Okula

Jake Okula is a classically trained actor who apparently specializes in playing cops, clowns, and egomaniacs.


Jake received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Brooklyn College in 2024. He has worked with Patrick Sabongui in a self-produced production of A Steady Rain in the role of Denny Lombardo.


Most recently, Jake worked with Michael Page in a production of Angels in America Pt. 1 in the role of Roy Cohn. Jake enjoys nothing more than exploring despicable characters, and believes it’s the job of the actor to find the good in the bad.


Jake comes from a hefty background of sports and comedy. He was born into a Mets family which is a joke in itself. Jake has also been writing his whole life, and strongly believes in the power of a laugh to disarm an audience. He aims to bring not only his acting skills, but also his athletic background and creative writing mind into all projects in the near future.

Meet Jake Okula

"An American Werewolf in London" by John Landis

"Online Dates are Hard to Handle" by Matthew McLachlen

"Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo" by Rajiv Joseph

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