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Zara Zeidman

Zara Zeidman, a recent graduate with a BFA in Acting, brings a dynamic range to both classical and contemporary roles. Notably, she recently portrayed Katherine in "Taming of the Shrew," a role she first tackled during her summers studying Shakespeare as a teen. In Gina Femia's "The Virtuous Fall of The Girls From Our Lady of Sorrows," she embodied the rebellious and queer character Maxx. Zara's involvement extended beyond performance; she contributed to choreography and direction, underscoring her collaborative spirit and creativity. Recognized for her leadership, Zara founded the student club Free Association, fostering a vibrant community through improv and devising workshops. Complementing her stage work, Zara has acted in several short films, often contributing to their development and creation. As a self-directed artist, actor, and creator, she is dedicated to amplifying narratives of personal growth and empowerment.

Meet Zara Zeidman

"Girls" by Lena Dunham

"klute" by Andy Lewis

"How to Make Friends & then Kill Them" by Halley Feiffer

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